Whistleblower &
False Claims Act

All inquiries, meetings and reports are kept in strict confidence and not subject to disclosure or re-reporting, ever."Whistleblower" litigation can take many forms; ultimately, it comes down to asking yourself if you know something wrong going on in your workplace. Are you aware of overbilling or other healthcare fraud against the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”)? Do you have information about a military contractor having defrauded the Department of Defense? Are you aware of similar fraud and wrongdoing at the Savannah River Site, Fort Gordon, Eisenhower Army Medical Center or involving any corporation in the CSRA or anywhere around the country?

In some instances, under the False Claims Act along with other state and Federal law you, as a private citizen may bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government. If successful, you may be able to receive a portion of the damages that can be in the millions of dollars.

Whether you are employed at the Veteran’s Administration (“VA”), Fort Gordon, National Security Agency (“NSA”), the Savannah River Site (“SRS”) or any other federal or state governmental agency throughout the CSRA or around the world, we can help relieve your concern.

Exposing false claims to the government is a civic duty and those who bravely step forward deserve the best possible representation and protection from retaliation. You have an opportunity to affect change by doing the right thing and we can help.- Violation of company policy/rules, law, regulation, or threat to public interest/national security, as well as fraud, and corruption.

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